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Stuart & Anne Glover
'Southbrook Heights'
O'Connell Street    SOUTHBROOK

This is an extensive 2 acre garden on the heights of the country village of Southbrook.  There are 3 levels of gardens packed with salvias, bouganvilla, conifers and grevilleas. Throughout the garden are some lovely specimen trees creating a glorious park like setting with views across to Toowoomba and back to Pittsworth.
Stuart has a large collection of hot rods, trucks, tractors and memorabilia in the Southbrook Motors Shed - well worth seeing!

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April 23rd & 24th 2022

Scott & Telia Simpson
176 Hazelwood Road

Started only 10 years ago after clearing prickly pear this garden has begun to establish itself well. There is a long hedge of Emerald Lustre Vibernums along the southern aspect and a wall of pink hibiscus softly edging a full garden bed.  
Arbours, a cubby house and last year a pool was installed, making this country garden, for four kids and two parents, a wonderful oasis.

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