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“Pineview” is a relaxing, welcoming country garden located in the fertile Rossvale Valley.  Throughout the garden are citrus trees, passionfruit vines, tomato bushes, a large fig tree, chilli bushes and many more plants that bear profusely amidst the many rose bushes, salvias, geraniums and other shrubs.  The garden has been designed making full use of the logs and rocks found abundantly on the property with the many artefacts collected over the years.  A large vegetable garden has been strategically placed so that the many bees are able to pollinate all the flowers when in season.

Janine & Stephen Siebenhausen


From Pittsworth turn onto the Oakey-Pittsworth Road.  Travel 11kms turn left into Rossvale Road West.  Go 1.2kms then turn left into “Pineview”.

Gardens of the Pittsworth District
October 28 & 29 2017
9.00am to 5.00pm
Entrance Fee $5.00 per garden
Refreshments available on site

Encompassing lovely views right down the valley this artistically created garden has many established trees and planted hedges of iceberg and old fashioned roses.  Right in the middle of the large garden area is a small pink car complete with a floral hatted driver.  The large back garden contains fruit trees and a vegetable garden that runs on to the natural bush.  The shed is a must see filled with stuff from everywhere.

Donna & Blue Brotherson

From Pittsworth travel 5kms along the Pittsworth-Felton Road to property number 773. 

‘Wingrave’ garden has grown from a bare block in 1993 to a large sprawling garden of extensive lawn areas and gardens with meandering pathways through the gardens.  Take a walk through the arbour or across the dry creek bed while looking at the old farm machinery, cars, memorabilia and garden art throughout the yard.  The original Pampas Railway station is within the yard and hopefully the 21 jacaranda trees will be in bloom.  Trees in the garden include celtus, jacaranda, bottle, gums, pistachio, ash, cape chestnut, tipuana and kurrajong along with native ironbark trees.

Janelle & Dennis Hintz

From Pittsworth travel 8kms along the Oakey-Pittsworth Road to 'Wingrave' property number 3121.

More information to come!!

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