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Gardens of Brookstead
October 23rd & 24th
9.00am to 5.00pm
Entrance Fee $5.00 per garden
Refreshments available on site
{ please be aware there are water hazards at these gardens }


As you plan your weekend visit please remember a few easy rules 

                  no smoking in the gardens please, leave your furry friends at home and                                please do not take any cuttings from the gardens.

We hope you have a great time!


Wayne & Jo Saal

615 Saal Road, Brookstead

This is a garden that grows with extremes of temperatures, high alkalinity and cracking black soil. The gum trees are dying and are slowly being replaced. We have Xylosmas, Japanes Pagodas, Tipuanas, Celtis and an ornamental olive grove that serves as a windbreak. Quite a few roses, conifers, salvias and perennials have been planted.

There are quirky creations from old farm implements, a dry creek bed and a relatively new succulent garden.  It is our happy place in the middle of a black soil paddock.

'Glen Royal'

Glen & Judy Krieg

409 Norwin Road, Brookstead

Glen and Judy built a new home and started a garden in 1973 in the corner of the horse paddock with 5 gum trees and 7 box trees already established in that area.  The Krieg family came to Brookstead from Victoria in 1907.  There has always been gardeners, both male and female, on the various properties throughout the generations and that still continues today.

In our garden we planted many trees to offer protection from severe summer heat and freezing winter winds. Also scattered throughout the garden are various family and rural relics.


Russell & Jenny Clapham

387 Balmoral Road, Kincora

Russell and Jenny have created a large homestead garden set on a sloping 3 ½ acre site overlooking a lagoon and the open fertile black soil plains.

Eucalypts, callistemon, tipuanas, Chinese tallows, ornamental pears and oleanders are surrounded by lush green lawns.

Roses, perennials, salvias and agapanthus fill the beds with hedges of knockout roses featuring throughout.

A beautiful peaceful country setting flowing right down to the water’s edge.



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