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March 19th & 20th 2022

Condamine Plains 5.jpeg
Condamine Plains 4.jpeg

'Condamine Plains'
370 Bligh Road 
garden of Hamish & Jackie Bligh

The property has been owned by the Bligh family for five generations.  It began in 1908 when ACV Bligh and his wife Lilly May bought the property and went on to build the homestead. It took 3 years to complete and there are 2 pepperinas, 2 pines and 2 gums that are still standing in the garden today from the original plantings. The garden has served generations as a place of tranquility, a food source, a place to gather (many celebrations), a home for birds and animals and a beautiful backdrop for the house.

272 Bostocks Road 
garden of Lindsay and Shelley Krieg

Originally part of Yandilla Station that was owned by the Gore family. The tiny cottage still exists in the heart of the current homestead.  The extensive gardens have been added to over the years and hold trees that would be around 100 years old.  They have endured droughts and floods which reflects their resilience and that of those families who have lived through them also.

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